Reduce the use of spreadsheets or paper processes and replace them with neatly organized, real-time shareable workflows. Never miss a beat as events unfold in daily center operations, and actionable information is delivered to the right person at the right time.   

Key features

Our offerings serve participants through every step of the workflow at PACE organizations, from patient care plans to regulatory filing.

A cloud-based system

PACElogic is a pay-as-you-grow system that serves Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) organizations through CareVention Cloud, an integrated technology solution that hosts and supports healthcare and non-healthcare software programs, with upgrades, installations, and patches. CareVention Cloud keeps PACElogic solutions remotely accessible and offers services like data backup and monitoring for PACE programs as they serve their communities.

Enterprise claims management

PACElogic offers enterprise claims management that can be integrated with electronic health records (EHRs) to communicate with payers across the healthcare continuum. Our services are capable of complete benefit administration, claims adjudication, capitation, authorization, and robust reporting. In partnership with PLEXISTM Healthcare Systems, this enterprise claims management solution allows PACElogic to foster cost savings for PACE programs.

Encounter data management

By tracking and combining internal encounter data with professional and institutional claims, transaction management helps organizations maintain regulatory compliance with state programs and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In partnership with VisibilEDI, PACElogic provides these services for PACE programs to manage encounters and payments efficiently.

Care plan

Designed for the specifications of PACE and CMS, PACElogic makes care planning simple, fast, and collaborative for all interdisciplinary team members, in real time. 

Intake management

Maximize census growth with efficient and collaborative workflows. Our intake management services help organizations track, analyze, and refine participant throughput according to intake representatives at specific centers.


Archive, share, and report historical trending and timely reassessments with electronic forms for pre-enrollment and for functional assessments for consistency and completeness.

Incident reporting

Quality and compliance reporting made simple. We help record medication errors and falls and provide team notifications about follow-ups and documentation.


Administer, record, and report prescribed medications according to EHRs, with electronic medication administration records (eMARs).

DME tracking

Assign, track, and recover durable medical equipment (DME) to control costs and reduce waste. 

Contact management

Organize participant contact information in a centralized place, with comprehensive contact management, including the whereabouts of participants, family members, or individuals who hold power of attorney.

Document storage

Upload member documents for instant sharing and retrieval through the cloud.

Data exports

Access click-ready files for enrollment into, disenrollment from, and reporting for CMS’ Health Plan Management Systems (HPMSs), the Medicare Health Outcomes Survey-Modified (HOS-M), and other reporting requirements. 

Need an EHR?

Prime Suite is an EHR system pre-configured to PACE and integrates with PACElogic modules.

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