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Expect More From Your PACE Pharmacy

Established in 2009, CareKinesis® is a medication risk management and home delivery pharmacy centered around Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)–the first and only of its kind!

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Technology-driven pharmacy services

CareKinesis helps to ensure that participants take the most appropriate medications in the correct way. Our pharmacy services reduce risks and improve outcomes through:

24/7 support

Our clinical pharmacists are available around-the-clock to support you.

A team of experts

Our PharmDs are board certified in geriatric pharmacy and offer innovative risk mitigation services.

Adherence packaging

Our personalized packaging organizes medication regimens by time and date.

Medication delivery

Door2Door is our best-in-class delivery network and ensures that medications arrive safely, intact, and on time.

Lower costs, greater adherence


per participant per year in validated medical expenditure savings1


increase in medication adherence due to multi-dose adherence packaging2

High-tech solutions

CareKinesis provides clinical decision support using EireneRx®, a cloud-based e-prescribing tool and medication safety platform. EireneRx integrates into PACE electronic health records (EHRs).

MedWise® Science

MedWise Science, our proprietary medication management and risk mitigation technology, helps to continuously optimize individual medication regimens for safety and efficacy. We also offer pharmacogenomics (PGx) for more personalized and precise medication regimens that improve outcomes.

Meet the team who makes it all happen

See what our partners think

All CareKinesis dispensing pharmacies are accredited in Community and Telehealth Pharmacy Practice from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Accreditation Commission and the ASHP Board of Directors.

Contact a CareVention HealthCare team member

Experiencing any issues? See the CareKinesis Business Continuity Plan here!


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