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Clinical decision support tools from CareKinesis® provide actionable insights for pharmacy recommendations at the point of care, using EireneRx® to identify at-risk individuals.

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EireneRx is a HITRUST-certified common security framework (CSF) and a cloud-based e-prescribing platform that provides pharmacies real-time access to accurate participant profiles for medication safety. By integrating with electronic health records (EHRs), EireneRx enhances quality of care, with solutions ranging from automated alerts on drug therapies and medication interactions to aggregate reporting and medication reconciliation.

“The EireneRx interface is very user-friendly, and we don’t have to go through all of those steps to get to the answer.”

–PACE nurse

EireneRx lets you modify, renew, or discontinue prescriptions with one click. EireneRx EHR integration includes up-to-date information on the last medication fill, allergies, delivery status, and the electronic medication administration record. It also removes discontinued medications from participant profiles automatically and sends alerts to the nursing team.

Our platform is:


EireneRx is fully HIPAA-compliant with added safety features like secure instant messaging for easy communication.


Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) providers use the same system as CareKinesis PharmDs.


Complete and updated pharmacy information and records are always available for accurate medication data.


EireneRx offers label translation and information leaflets in more than 25 languages.

EireneRx: Powered by MedWise® Science

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EireneRx optimizes medication regimens for safety and effectiveness. Powered by proprietary MedWise Science technology, participants are assigned a MedWise Risk ScoreTM to assess and mitigate medication-related risks. Each participant’s medication regiment is personalized for optimal results. EireneRx reduces costs, hospital admissions, and mortality–saving PACE programs about $5,000 per year.1

Higher MedWise Risk Scores are associated with increased mortality

In this study of Medicare Part D participants, patients who received a review of their medications with a pharmacist saw better year-over-year health outcomes than those who did not do a review.


Precision prescribing

By using pharmacogenomics (PGx) to understand how participants metabolize medications, EireneRx can elevate pharmacotherapy. Our precision prescribing initiative has added to PGx our suite of evidence-based clinical decision support tools. These results identify risks and optimize personalized medication regimens to guide prescribing.

PGx testing is available for all PACE participants but is especially beneficial for those experiencing medication ineffectiveness and/or toxicity. Our Clinical Advisory Panel has also outlined criteria for PGx candidates, including participants who are:

  • Currently on or pending initiation of Clopidogrel and/or Warfarin
  • Experiencing an inadequate response to therapies like proton-pump inhibitors (PPI) or pain medications
  • On an antidepressant/antipsychotic regimen or an opioid regimen for chronic pain management, including those who have undergone multiple trials, experience unexpected adverse drug effects, or escalating doses with unsuccessful resolutions
  • Pending initiation of a specialty medication, such as Tamoxifen

In a recent study of 200 PGx clinical pharmacy consultations2:


of PACE participants were on at least one medication that they could not fully metabolize


in reduced annual costs per participant were realized


of pharmacist recommendations were accepted by PACE plans

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