CareKinesis PACE Pharmacy Video Library

Welcome to the CareKinesis Video Library! Your safety is our priority. These videos are to help you understand how to get the safest results from your medications. If you have any questions after watching any of the videos, please talk to your PACE provider or nurse.

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Understanding Your Medication Packaging

This video explains the medication adherence card (MAC) and how to use it.

Medication Safety and Risk

The more medications you take, the more at risk you may be. However, it is important to take them as directed. This video shows how to take your medications safely, what side effects to watch, and how your CareKinesis pharmacist can help.

Managing Your Diabetes

When managing a chronic condition, it is important that you take your medications as directed. In this video, a CareKinesis pharmacist gives simple tips on living with diabetes and managing medications.

Managing Hypertension

Many older adults have high blood pressure, which can cause serious health problems. In this video, a CareKinesis pharmacist talks about taking your blood pressure medications safely and as directed.

Drug Interactions

Taking multiple medications can increase your risk for drug interactions. But your pharmacist can help ensure you are taking your medications safely. This video shows how you can get the best results from your medications.

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