The Value of Partnering with CareKinesis

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CareKinesis clients understand the importance of working with a pharmacy that is PACE-centric and committed to participant safety. With our advanced technology and best-in-class medication delivery service, our PACE partners experience an improved workflow and enhanced clinical and economic outcomes. They view our clinical pharmacists, who are board-certified in geriatric pharmacy and available for consultation 24/7, as a member of their PACE team.

When it comes to the value of partnering with CareKinesis, we think our clients say it best.

The Value of Partnering with CareKinesis

PACE medical directors and prescribers talk about their experience working with CareKinesis.

One Pharmacy, One Team

Dr. Marc Grushan, Medical Director at TRU PACE, talks about how CareKinesis how his team partners with CareKInesis to proactively manage care.

Improved Workflows and Operations

What Outcomes Have You Seen

More Than a Pharmacy

What Do You Like Most

Featuring Dr. Grushan

What Would You Miss Most If You Couldn’t Work With CareKinesis?

Would You Recommend CareKinesis?

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