CareVention HealthCare and CareKinesis: Science and Research in Action for PACE

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CareVention HealthCare partners with PACE organizations nationwide to provide services, including personalized medication safety and pharmacy (CareKinesis), clinical documentation and risk adjustment (Capstone), third party administration (Peak), EHR/integrated technology (PACElogic/TruChart), and Technical Assistance Center (TAC) consulting. We collaborate with our PACE partners to enhance economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes for their programs. Indeed, CareKinesis’ medication safety services are backed by science and produce outcomes that have been validated by research.

Precision Pharmacotherapy Research and Development Institute of Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC), our parent company, recently published a peer-reviewed study of the MedWise Risk ScoreTM (MRS) in PACE. The study looked at medical claims of nearly 2,000 PACE participants and the MRS of each participant. Results showed that the odds of an Adverse Drug Event (ADE) were found to increase by 8.6% per unit of the MRS. In addition, each unit of the MRS was associated with $1,037 in medical costs, including three ED visits and two hospitalizations per 100 participants annually. Thus, CareKinesis pharmacists and the PACE Medical Teams collaborate with the goal of reducing the MedWise Risk Score to reduce ADE risk, together with the participant, and saving PACE millions of dollars in medical costs.

One of the services that distinguishes CareKinesis from other pharmacies is the use of pharmacogenomics (PGx) to further personalize the medication regimens of PACE participants. The PGx in PACE Study demonstrates how results obtained from PGx tests are used on a continuous basis to assure medication safety. In addition, the PACE PGx Cost Avoidance Study found that utilizing PGx yields an estimate of over $1,983 in cost avoided per participant, a substantial cost savings to our PACE client partners.

Lastly, a recently published research article regarding the use of the MedWise Risk Score in a virtual clinical study evaluated the impact of various COVID-19 medication regimens in PACE participants already taking multiple medications. Results demonstrated both the ability to conduct virtual clinical trials without harming participants and the predictability of clinical and economic outcomes using the MRS.

To learn more about CareKinesis’ pharmacy services, medication risk mitigation, and the studies detailed above, contact CareKinesis at 888-9-PharmD (888-974-2763) or at

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